Pastors & Staff

David & Gillian Whitaker and Family

Lead Pastor 

We've served here for over 13 years! It's been incredible. Our hearts are to reach the lost and unchurched in this community and raise up a church that has the ability to reach the culture. So far, we've seen over 50 conversions and 125 baptisms. 

Erica & Brandon Blasiola 

Worship Leader /Youth Leaders 

Erica and Brandon have been with us for the last three years. They lead worship with passion, energy and authenticity.  Not only do they lead us in worship,  but they serve as youth leaders as well. They have a beautiful little family. 

David Brown

Worship Leader & Pastoral Assistant 

David has been with us for three years now, helping us reshape our worship experience and church culture. He brings a level of professionalism to our worship that’s unmatched in our area. David also serves on our preaching team and assists our lead pastor on a weekly basis. We’re blessed to have him on our team. 

Jeremey Sheppard

Associate Pastor

We’ve hired Pastor Jeremey to assist our Lead Pastor & oversee our Small Groups ministry @ HBC. He’ll of course serve on our Worship Team in a variety of areas and will be on our Preaching Team as well. We are excited for him & his family to arrive middle of May.

Adewale Adesanya

Preaching Team & Drummer 

Adewale and his beautiful family have been with us for the last few years where they serve in various areas of ministry including our toddler room and Adewale behind the drum set.  Adewale is spirit filled at the drums and a huge asset to our worship experience. Not to mention he’s a part of our preaching team as well. So good! 

Wes & Elka Frahm 

Lead Worship Pastor & Sound Team Manager

Wes and Elka have been at HBC since 2002 leading the way in almost every area. They have served on our leadership team, our worship team, and sound team. They love being a part of such an evangelistic church.  They have an incredible family and have impacted all of us and this community in ways that are hard to put into words. 

Carolyn Bresky

Treasurer & Children's Church Team Leader 

Carolyn has served on our team for over six years and has done a fantastic job for us. Not only does she work as our church treasurer, but she's one of our children's church team leaders. She also serves on our leadership team.  We would be lost without her leadership and willing spirit. 

Gillian Whitaker 

Administrative Assistant  / Children's Church Team Leader

Gillian has served as our administrative assistant and children's church team leader for over eight years now.  She has done a phenomenal job with executing our church-wide events and creating a positive children's church worship experience week in and week out.  Not to mention, she does a great job at supporting our lead pastor, David Whitaker, and taking such good care of their family. 

Jeremy Shannon 

Safety & Security Team & Coordinator

Jeremy Shannon is the head of our Safety & Security Team & Coordinator for our Janitorial Team. He’s help lead the way in the area of Church Safety. So important to us that our families can worship without fear. He also keeps our building in top shape week to week.

Dave Robinson

Safety & Security Team

Dave Robinson is second in command of our Safety & Security Team. He’s been on the team for over 3 years. Helps keep our church safe during our Worship Experiences.

Sara Solberg

Lead Children’s Church Teacher

Sarah Solberg serves as our Lead Children’s Church Teacher. Her passion is helping Children Engage God at the level they are at. She has an education in Children’s Ministry from Liberty University.

Sol Whitaker

Media Team Lead

Sol serves as the Lead of our Media Team @ HBC. He’s responsible for pictures & video of our weekly worship experiences & ministry events. Not to mention creates amazing recaps / promos for our sermon installments. Also, helps with images and social media content. He’s majoring in media & marketing with the University of Phoenix Arizona. Sol has been on the team since 2020!